At Goals A+N, we love a challenge! The following are a handful of Office Removalist projects we’ve successfully managed, together with the specific challenges that we met head-on.


Clayton UTZ


Clayton Utz is a leading commercial law firm in Australia. It is one of the top tier or ‘Big Six’ commercial law firms.
Goals A+N has provided relocation services to Clayton Utz over the past 2 years. The services include:
• Relocation Project Manager – for planning meetings , workshop presentations, assisting with file mapping, liaising with building managers, supervising relocation on-site and post-move visits
• Post move support • Supply of building protection for both sites • Packing and unpacking  all files and library • Disconnection, reconnection and placement of PCs and IT equipment • Relocation of furniture and crates • Cleaning services

2010 – Sydney Office – 1 Bligh Street
Goals A+N relocated 840 staff over 1 weekend and packed/unpacked up to 14,500 LM of files and books over 5 days. We disconnected and reconnected PCs

2012 – Brisbane Office
Goals A+N relocated the Brisbane office with over 80 staff with disconnection and reconnection of IT, packing and unpacking of 100 LM of files and cleaning services

2012 –Canberra Office
Goals A+N relocated the Canberra office with over 80 staff with disconnection and reconnection of all PCs and IT. The packing, transport and unpacking of up to 400 LMs of general filing and 400 LM of office (Lawyers’) filing.

The Commonwealth Parliament Office – Sydney

Goals A+N provided the complete project management service with the experienced Sydney team led by Rajiv Midha.
The project was executed over one weekend in June 2013 and included the relocation of 125 staff, the disconnection and reconnection of 12 phones, 40 MFDs, 13 safes, 125 desktop PCs and 120 monitors, within a high security environment.
Goals A+N dismantled and reassembled several large compactus units, packed and unpacked 1,850 lineal metres of shared filing and storage.
The move included the relocation of 20 clients within the Parliament Offices; each client having their own needs attended to by our Goals A+N team.
The Goals A+N team provided building protection at both sites for the move, along with pre- and post-move support.


APA Group – Brisbane

Goals A+N relocated four existing office sites, within Brisbane, into a newly appointed centralised location including the relocation of some 160 staff over two stages consisting of staff’s personal effects, desktop IT, library, centralised file collections, safes and the careful relocation of the comms server rooms.
The APA Group also engaged Goals A+N to assist in the relocation of two existing warehouses into a newly constructed building within the city fringe. This major relocation consisted of the packing, relocation of stock, racking and warehouse machinery and equipment which required precise planning and timing to ensure the business maintained its operation throughout the 2 week relocation program.

TressCox Lawyers – Sydney

TressCox Lawyers moved from Levels 19-21, 135 King Street to Levels 15-17, MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place, Sydney in May 2013.
Goals A+N Project Management team provided the following services:
• The physical relocation of TressCox Lawyers from various floors at Kings St to new premises at the MLC Centre, Sydney • The relocation of approx. 160 staff with the service of pack and unpack of personal items • The pack and unpack of approximately 2,500 linear metres of files and general documentation • The nominated move weekend started at 5pm on the Friday with IT equipment moving first and then the packing and movement of all boxes and equipment • Goals A+N provided clear documentation/schedule of all items being relocated during each move. Inventory handover forms including IT Audits and Relocation Audits will be utilised • Goals A+N removed all its equipment and any unused or empty A+N cartons/crates to ensure a safe and tidy workplace • Post Move support was provided after both stages with the services of two men and a truck to assist staff and the clean-up process • Provided hardboard/plywood protection to all corridors, access routes, service lifts, partitions, walls, corners, furniture, at all sites, to prevent any damage from impact, knocks, trolley wheels, etc. Trolleys, mobile carts etc. were adequately protected to prevent damage as necessary • Goals A+N recorded photographs of the site before and after each move to show the condition of finishes, access routes, corridors, (including lift and common/landlord areas) etc. • Goals A+N submitted Method Statements, detailing process and safety procedures implemented during the works.
Goals A+N IT Removalist Team provided the following services:
• Provision of labels for users to label all IT equipment • Disconnection of all phones and desktop PCs including monitors (and removal of monitors from stands unless otherwise identified), keyboards, mice, speakers, dictaphones (including base), foot pedals, headsets, webcams, cables and power leads and packing into appropriately protected containers • Installation of all PCs into the human scale C600 CPU slings provided at each workpoint • Installation of all monitors onto the human scale M2 monitor arms including installation of spacers. It should be made clear that this involved unscrewing 4 screws on every screen and then screwing a mounting bracket with 4 spacers. Where users already have two monitors, both were installed on the supplied monitor arms. Where users only have one monitor, a second monitor provided by TressCox IT was installed on the second monitor arm • Reconnection of all PCs including monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, dictaphones • Reconnection of all phones • Powered up (no login required) all PCs to test that all connections were functioning (power, data, keyboard, mouse and monitors) and logged any failures to be attended to by TressCox IT.

Leighton’s Contractors – Sydney

Leighton’s Contractors is focused on delivering projects and services that make a difference in people’s lives and create lasting value for future generations.
Goals A+N has provided relocation services to Leighton’s over the past 4 years.
During that time we have relocated in excess of 1,500 staff, moved over 2,000 LMs of files, disconnected and reconnected approximately 1,500 PCs.
Other services include:
• Relocation Project Manager – for planning meetings, workshop presentations, assisting with file mapping, liaising with building managers, supervising relocation on-site and post-move visits • Post move support • Supply of building protection for both sites • Relocation of furniture and crates • Cleaning services
Latest moves:
October 12, 2012 – 250 staff staff/churn
December 12, 2012 – 210 staff relocation/churn
February 13, 2013 – 160 staff relocation/churn

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