Did you know that……?
A telephone has 25,000 germs per square inch • A desktop has 21,000 germs per square inch
• A computer keyboard has 3,300 germs per square inch.
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IT Cleaning Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Employers are required to provide and maintain a safe working environment without any risk to the health of their employees. Unfortunately, it is a grim reality that office spaces are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Today, most of us use a range of digital and portable devices that we depend on day in and day out. Germs and bacteria can harbour in these devices as well as in an extensive range of office equipment.

We are also aware that dust is an unnecessary evil in most offices, particularly during a relocation. Once in the air, it can create an unhealthy work environment and can reduce productivity and safety. Severe, ongoing illnesses such as respiratory conditions and lung disease can occur if staff are inhaling dust containing toxic particles.

We believe that using our cleaning solution below during a relocation reduces the risk of infection and allows our clients to maintain a hygienic and safe workplace.

cleaning-solutionWorkspace – Vacuum around desk area • Desk/Workstation – Thorough clean using antibacterial wipes• PC/Monitor/Telephone – Clean with anti-static solution and microfibre cloths

Keyboards – Brush to remove all particles lodged in keyboards and wipe down to look brand new

Cables – Provide velcro cable management solution • Chairs – Steam clean fabric chairs