Covid-19 Information

Navigating the current pandemic has been challenging for most businesses and Goals A+N is no different. However, ensuring the safety of our staff, clients, partners, suppliers, and the community at large has always been our priority.

We would like to assure clients that we closely monitor the Government announcements in each State and have in place practices and protocols that ensure the strict adherence to the relevant health orders. 

Given our status as a provider of warehousing and logistic services, we continue to operate in all States where we have a presence including QLD, NSW, VIC and WA (via our partner). Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 1300 35 36 37, or speak with your dedicated Project Manager.

NSW and VIC operations update

Operating in Greater Sydney and Victoria has been particularly challenging these past few months, given the lockdowns and restrictions placed on LGAs of concern. However, we have adjusted operations to comply with the escalating requirements in response to the Delta outbreak.

Ensuring compliance at our storage facilities

  • We are not permitting clients to enter our warehousing facilities, but we are continuing to maintain operations including the dispatch of stored items to client sites.
  • Our staff scan QR codes each day and wear approved PPE.
  • Staff who reside in LGA’s of concern must follow the government “Authorised Workers’ orders.
  • Social distancing rules apply .
  • Equipment is sanitised after each use.
  • All warehouse staff have received at least one dose of Covid 19 vaccine and undergo regular testing.

Ensuring compliance on client sites

  • Trucks and equipment have been sanitised prior to visiting the site.
  • Staff must confirm that they have not visited an exposure site withing the past 14 days, are not a close contact of positive case, have not experienced symptoms, and are not awaiting a test result.
  • Any staff who resided in an LGA hotspot are not permitted on a client site.
  • All our staff are wearing PPE including masks.
  • All staff follow the on-site protocols outlined by the client or building management including QR code scanning, hand sanitising, social distancing, and no sharing of equipment.

These protocols will be in place Until further Government announcement. We do expect to see changes though once the 70% double vaccination rates are achieved in all states.

We thank you, our valued clients, and partners, for your support during this challenging period for all Australians.